Storytime Chimera


Storytime Chimera has been play tested by our family, but we would like to provide an Exclusive First Look copy to you, the families that are jumping in at the beginning our OJO Games journey with us. This demo version contains all the information you need to play the game, and gives you a sense of what the final product will look like.

Anyone subscribing to our mailing list will receive free a early access version of the Storytime Chimera manuscript.  This demo version includes full color cover art, black & white interior art, graphic design layout, complete sample adventure and three prepared characters ready for play!


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Once you start playing Story Time Chimera, you will probably want to create lots of characters, so we have included a handy PDF download of the character sheet for your convenience:  Baby_Chimera_Character_Sheet_PDF

Storytime Chimera is a family role-playing game, that is great for beginners of any age.  Children as young as four years old can play (with a little help from an adult or older child).  It has a simple mechanic but can handle anything your imagination can dream up!

Currently, there are four creative minds at work on Storytime Chimera: Oliver has completed the manuscript, and Paul has edited it;  Pamela is the creative mind behind the illustrations and she is currently working on a set of full color illustrations for the book’s interior (you can see some of her art on our Facebook page); Bram is doing the layout and graphic design for the project, and is currently tackling the layout for the character sheet.